Starter Package

$199 Base RateMonthly
  • Great for businesses who use up to 120 minutes per day*
  • $ .79 per minute**

ūüí• Preferred Package ūüí•

$349 Base RateMonthly
  • Great for businesses who use 120-230 minutes per day*
  • $ .69 per minute**

Advanced Package

$649 Base RateMonthly
  • Great for businesses who use 230-360 minutes per day*
  • $ .59 per minute**

Premier Package

$999 Base RateMonthly
  • Great for businesses who use more than 360 minutes per day*
  • $ .49 per minute**
  • Nerdy Stuff:¬† “What’s the MAXIMUM cost,” you ask? OK, here’s the low down: First of all, no one uses every single minute of every single day… so far. However, assuming you only had ONE agent answering the phones for you…and¬†IF you were to use 100% of all available minutes in each day (780 total minutes for 8am-9pm, Monday through Saturday, and assuming one day was a holiday and no one took a break), you’d pay us about $278 per day with the Premier package (that’s including the base rate). Are you likely to get 13 hours of phone calls per day for a week straight? Probably not.¬† Alternatively, you could hire full-time employees (and paying overtime and shift differential for working after 5pm, plus the average cost for insurance, etc.) it would cost you between $427-$507 per day or more (depending on insurance, hourly rate, etc.) given the same parameters.

    Think about that for a moment… it’s far less than the cost of hiring your own employee… and yet, we’re working at a 100% efficiency rating, guaranteed (no downtime). You’re only paying for our services when we pick up the phone! Do you pay employees the same way, or do you also have to pay them during down time too? (That’s rhetorical).

    You’re trying to save time, right? Be on the phone less? If you hired an employee, how well would they manage themselves? Would you have to spend more time¬†managing¬†them? If you know for a fact that your employee(s) will use EVERY MINUTE of every day working 100% effectively with no downtime, then by all means hire them! Otherwise, take advantage of ALL the benefits of having full-time service and support, for a fraction of the cost!

    That was at the maximum, but how about minimum usage? Ok, so let’s say no calls come in but we’re sitting here for you anyways. All total, it would be about $9.95 per work day with the Starter Package ($199 / 20 days). That’s still less than having your own employee for ONE HOUR let alone an entire day. So, in short, yes; you can get ALL the benefits of having full-time staff and service for a fraction of the cost, or up to about half of the cost of hiring employees on your own. As well, you have NONE of the hassle of finding, interviewing, hiring, training, managing or even terminating an employee. No one to call in sick, or no-show. No vacation pay, health benefits, workers comp, life insurance or other expenses. (Is your business seasonal? How awesome would it be to never have to lay off another employee?) It’s like having your cake, and eating it too. Are you still reading this? Call us now!

    *Information is for demonstration purposes only and does not constitute an actual quote or contract for services. Actual results may vary, depending on usage and optional services selected. The information above is strictly to inform, educate and empower you to make an informed decision about the best pricing package that best suits your business needs.  Please consult with your implementation specialist or sales agent to assist you in determining potential costs for your specific business.*

  • *Based on normal work week hours: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, standard services provided.

  • ** Price per minute after base rate.

  • Custom packages available upon request. Have a unique request? Varying business hours? Unsure where to start? No problem, we’re here to help you choose the best package that fits your needs and your budget. Call for more info.

  • Want after-hours and weekends? Our pleasure! In addition to your current package base pricing, just add a $199/mo evening & weekend base rate and you’ll be covered so you can get to your kids’ sports game on time. (What would it cost you per month to hire someone else for this?)

  • Need holidays covered? No problem! At a low rate of $6.00 per available-hour, we’ll cover so you can enjoy spending time with your family. (Specifically for all 6 major holidays: Christmas, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Independence Day — That’s an 85% savings over the cost of hiring an employee to work those holidays!^^)

  • Prices subject to change upon availability and demand, reasonable notice will be given.

  • An available-hour is defined as each hour you ask us to be logged in, available and ready to provide service. All services provided and connections made will be billed at their current package rate. After hours, holidays and weekends are subject to availability. May not be available in all states or locations. Please ask your implementation specialist for more details.

  • Additional (and optional) services include but are not limited to: Bookkeeping, Payroll Services, Automated Billing/Invoicing, CRM Management, Event or Seminar Planning, Employee Training, IT Management and Tech Support, Financial Services, obtaining electronic signatures from clients and customers, custom greeting cards to your clients for thank-you’s, birthdays, holidays and special occasions; advertising campaigns such as direct mailers or email campaigns, social media advertising and other promotions (including shout-out videos and “likes,” comments or reviews), online marketing, social media and website management, web and logo design, credit card processing, loyalty rewards program, social media review capturing and referral generating programs, funnel building and more – may be billed at a separate rate depending on availability, demand and usage. Please see your implementation specialist for more details.

  • ^^Savings based on an average employee cost of $10 per hour, factoring in double-time pay for holidays, employee taxes and workers comp insurance at an average rate.

Outbound Services

Flat rate for all connected outbound calls, base on your current package.

– You must provide the list of names and phone numbers, separated by time zone(s). It is also your responsibility to verify all numbers are NOT listed on the National Do Not Call Registry, and to ensure all applicable laws are met.